The Hipsters

Log 1

So the journey has begun. The thrill of the uncertainty trickling down my spine. As much as I tried to push the adrenaline rush down, I was convinced that this was something that I really had to do. Infact, I’ve been quite sure about this ever since it popped up in my head. May be I was just looking for a reason to start. A reason to need a reason. I’m off to Delhi right now where a friend will join me and we’ll leave for Chandigarh. Hopefully tonight itself. Nervous, scared but hungry to achieve this. Fingers crossed. It’s going to be fun. 

Log 2
En route manali from Chandigarh. Another friend joined us in Chandigarh. The mountains have started to show their mighty selves. The scorching heat and the sun is beating right at me from the glass window in this bus. Nothing seems to rethink my decision. I can see big industrial structures sitting like the kraken, engulfing anything and everything coming their way, all in the middle of this mesmerizing canvas. I cant help but decide if I should stay in manali for the night or head to kasol. Lets find out. 

Log 3
Spent the night in manali. Its really crowded this time of the year. Weather has me feeling optimistic. Perhaps the cool breeze surrounding me was exactly what I was looking for. We’re planing to leave for kasol today. Ate ocra last night. Can’t believe myself. This marks the beginning of the trip, officially. I’m excited. Hope everything goes as planned. 

Log 4
Change in plans. We are going to trek to point x. Camp overnight and probably play some bob Dylan. And talk music. Looking forward to lose myself to the night Sky. 

Log 5
Camping at point x. I must say admit to my nervousness, but somehow restful state of mind. The Sky is cloudy today and still some stars have taken over the horizon. The beautiful snow clad mountains at the horizon are glowing in the dim lit night. “You don’t see this everyday”, I wondered to myself and also realized that I don’t feel _this_ everyday either. Burning fire to keep animals at bay. Bears are a threat here. 

Log 6
Overstayed at point x. Its almost sunset. Rushed back to the city as it was before nighttime. I walked faster than the other 2 did. While treading down I realized they weren’t behind me anymore. Funny how your mind tells you to believe your survival instinct. Figured they’ll take care of themselves, as I continued to move ahead hoping to make it before the sunset. Perhaps the most ill thought decision I made by far. Ofcourse I shouldn’t have left them because of the lack of safety. Although I made it to the base moments before the night fell, my companions were still up there, finding their way down. My clock read 8:15pm. What’s worrying me most is the tough and confusing terrain in the night while one of the friends finds his way back with a twisted ankle. After a long gasp, I ask the guys to keep me updated with their progress. I’m crossing my fingers for their safety now. All this while, I’m not alone if I may add A group of 4 dogs who initially intimidated me turned out to be my way of out of the tunnel. In the age of google maps, we often find bliss in little things like this. My friends fortunately have Atlas, the dog who gave us company since we started for it. Waiting for them now. 

Log 7
Left manali for kasol, one of the friends has stayed back to rest his sprained ankle. The weather is breathtaking. We’ll chill for a couple of days in kasol till our photographer joins us. Will resume the shoot then. All this while “Home is where the heart is” plays in the back of my mind

Log 8

Stayed the night in kasol. It is a nice cosy little place. We’ll travel to rasol from here today. 

Log 9

Trekked to Rasol today. This trek ranks right up there with the toughest treks that I have done before. But once you’re up here, you realise it was worth it. It was all perfect. Stuff dreams are made of. The perfect mountain at the horizon, decorated with flowers of all colours sitting perfectly in the lap of the mountains of green that surround the whole place. Hell, I can hear the birds chirp. The sunset is breathtaking too. Made some friends here. Couple of them locals. These guys live life in style. Carefree, happy and high on life. I recommend this place. 

To Be Continued….


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