Waiting for My Time

Destiny. Take a break for a while. Let me draw my future, with my own hands. 

Let me run away to, the far away lands. 

No matter what you’ve planned for me. 

Destiny halt for a day or two oh please. 

And let me make my own way oh please. 

Cuz I have been wondering what’s in store for me for way too long

And I’ve been waiting, waiting for my time. 
Oh lover. Take a breather now. 

I’ll stay with you forever 

Through the darkest nights and the coldest weather. 

Oh lover. My sweet lover. Hold my hands and walk with me. 

I wonder how these hands fit with yours perfectly. 

I know you’ve loved me more than I have loved you.

But darling I’ll be yours. Forever and it’s true. 

And I’m just waiting, waiting for my time. Waiting for my time. 
Oh destiny take a break for a while!

My lover would you promise to be mine. 

Forever and after the times end 

Cuz I need you by my side my Friend. 

I need you to speak to me. 

Tell me it will all be fine. 

After I am done waiting. Waiting for my time. Waiting for my time. 


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